The Andreas Kapsalis & Goran Ivanovic Guitar Duo | A guitar duo that not only celebrate the tradition of guitar performance of the old and the current rapport but also as composers they are a part of a movement in the states who’s aim is to build the new repertoire for the next generation of guitar players.

Steel string ten finger tapping guitar prodigy Andreas Kapsalis, and nylon string classical guitarist Goran Ivanovic have fused their musical roots with modern, classical, world, jazz and beyond in this experimental duo.

As they continue to create "buzz" throughout global music circles, these masterful musicians are also creating genres & musical styles that have yet to be named.


Jazziz Magazine

From a couple of prodigiously talented Chicago-based guitarists. Kapsalis, a player possessed of exquisite grace and touch and also, when he desires, blinding speed, brandishes a steel-string acoustic throughout. Croatian native Ivanovic, a widely acknowledged virtuoso in his own right, sticks with a nylon-string classical model. The music these two young men make together defies simple classification. Roughly, what I hear are Balkan folk and classical elements mixed with variously colored strains of Gypsy, jazz, pop, world and even rock styles. Whatever it is, it's heady stuff that's technically dazzling yet accessible. Kapsalis and Ivanovic are gifted composers, and they and their instruments intermingle beautifully together.

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Guitar Player Magazine


"Combining the sounds of steel- and nylon-string acoustic guitars in a stew seasoned with multifinger attacks, percussive beats, and heavy Serbian and Greek influences, Kapsalis and Ivanovic have created one tasty experimental dish. From the opening ostinato of “Shadow Thief,” the record sounds huge. Throughout, Kapsalis’s two-handed steel-string parts frequently create the illusion of three guitars instead of two. It gets even better on “Vertigo,” where his dizzying eight-finger nubs do justice to the song’s title. Ivanovic is no slouch on the nylon, either, wringing out lithe melodic lines throughout."

- Guitar Player Magazine

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